Established on January 27, 2011, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization the Veterans Supportive Services Agency, Inc. (VSSA) is dedicated to advocating and providing life-enhancing supportive services allowing veterans and families to be self-sufficient so they can live with independence and dignity.

VSSA's core mission is to help injured Veterans apply for service connected disability compensation or to assist them to file with the goal to reach a level of service connected disability up to 100%, if so richly deserved. VSSA also helps injured Veterans who already filed their claims and/or whose claims were denied.

This is our job. Why? Because being injured limits our ability to continue earning a living. With 100% service connected disability compensation, coupled with appropriate health care, a Veteran and his family can live in independence with dignity.

Serving our country with the United States Armed Forces is one of the most honorable and noblest causes for any American. We served in times of crisis and peace. When we serve during crisis and get injured, the federal government, through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), will help and fulfill President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address in which he stated "to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan."

Helping those injured should be a positive experience. We deserve to be treated well because we fought for our freedom and our country.

Reaching a 100% level of service connected disability is not only financially rewarding but will open a wide array of other benefits including health care, mental health and dental care.

It is our hope that in the future more Veterans will receive what they deserve in terms of compensation relative to the type of injury incurred while serving in the US Armed Forces. It is also our hope that each of us will continue to support those who served our country in times of crisis and peacetime. After all, they have sacrificed so you and I could enjoy our freedom so richly envied by others.

"Veterans, you served our country. Now it’s our turn to serve you.”

Tito A. Cortez, MSW
Disabled Vietnam War Veteran
Founder and Executive Director, Veterans Supportive Services Agency, Inc.

Board of Directors

Barry Sullivan, Chair

Barry is originally from New York but has lived in the Bay Area since 1986.  Although he is not a Veteran, many of his relatives are.  Barry holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering (Polytechnic Institute of NY) and a MS in Systems Management from Golden Gate University.  Barry has worked for NASA at Ames Research Center since 1987.  Prior to working for NASA he worked for the Lockheed California in Burbank, CA, and the Singer Link Flight Simulation Company in Binghamton, NY.  He is a voluntary board member for VSSA and the Dreamor Ranch Foundation.  When he is not volunteering, he enjoys time with his wife Mindy, family, friends, playing sports (mostly golf, softball and running) and working on his ranch.

Angel Sangalang, Vice-Chair

Angel  multi-tasks in community service. She is the first female ever to be appointed to the National Guard and Veteran Affairs Commission of the Santa Clara County.  As Commissioner, she helps craft policies and programs that affect veterans and their families. Angel is  the proud daughter of a WW2 veteran and proud mother of  triplets  in the US military service - two in the Marine Corps and one Army officer. All sons served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  She is an officer of the South Bay chapter of a nationwide organization Blue Star Moms that give support to families with active or reserved military personnel.  Angel  also serves as a State certified Ombudsman tasked to protect  residents from abuse or neglect  in  Long Term Care facilities.  And if she is not visiting nursing homes or advocating for veterans, Angel will be downtown  serving the homeless at Martha’s Kitchen or raising more funds for her communities.  

Tiara Cortez Miller, Secretary

Tiara is a Bay Area native and comes from a long line of Veterans. Her father, who served with the US Army, is a Disabled Vietnam War Veteran. Both of her grandfathers also served in the US Army during World War II, Korea and are Purple Heart recipients. One of her grandfathers was a Prisoner of War (POW) during the Ba'taan Death March during World War II. Tiara holds a MS in Organization Development from University of San Francisco, and has worked in Human Resources at high tech companies like Google, Synaptics and NEC. When she's not working or event planning for VSSA, Tiara enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, reading, cooking and crafting.

Erlinda Villegas, Treasurer

Pastor Bill McCorquodale 

Bill has lived in San Jose area since 1969. He has been married to his wife Chris for 44 years, they have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Bill is an Ordained Minister who currently serves as Associate Pastor at The Cross Worship Center in San Jose. Bill also serves the veteran community as Chaplain of the United Veterans Council of Santa Clara County; Chaplain, American Legion Northside Post 858, San Jose; Chaplain, Veterans Christain Fellowship, and Chaplain for VSSA.  He is a Life Member of Chapter 201, Vietnam Veterans of America.  Bill is a U.S. Navy Vietnam Era Veteran serving from 1968 to 1974 with duty throughout the North and South Pacific,  including: Akaska, Okinawa, Vietnam, Hawaii, Wake Island and Moffett Field. Bill retired from Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company in 2011 after 27 years where he served in multiple Quality Management positions.

Cris Cabaya

Kelly Estes

Edna Mathis